What is Tutor PLUS software?

Tutor PLUS©

Tutor packet software! 
Teacher Administration Software! 
Professor Automation Software! 
A Must have software for Lecturers!

Tutor PLUS is windows based application to automate tutor’s profession! It enables to any tutor to administrate teaching and learning practices automatically! This program designed to all type of tutors’ worldwide from a teacher to professor! Once designed courses with lectures will be avail all batches, so that every year planning and creating lectures will not be entertain! It enables presentation of lectures, lecture wise attendance, conducting tests, tracking syllabus, tracking batch and student performance, communicating with parents or students by SMS or mail, print auto-generated reports and much more...

Beside teaching practices it allows tutor’s personal management too! Like Money transactions, To Do reminders, Managing Contacts, Recording life dairy, Recording notes, Storing Office Files and Recording Web Accounts. 

It is a Packet Software, all the records, presentations, files, personal data encrypted inside the single file and you can protect your single file with custom password! Just carry your single file with Tutor PLUS software means you’re carrying everything you need! Whether computer have anti-virus programs are not, but your single file will not be effect or loss your data! 

A Single file for your entire teaching career! Tracks and manages all your batches, students, classes, tasks and personal management! It is user-friendly interface with calendar views, chart views and onscreen descriptions!

Key Features! 

1. Once designed courses, lectures are used to all the batches for your entire teaching career!
2. Each lecture can be attached with unlimited presentations or resources, supported types are (*.ppt;*.pps;*.pptx;*.ppsx;*.pdf;*.swf;*.mp3;*.wma;*.wav;*.avi;*.wmv;*.exe)
3. Ease of taking class, attendance, presenting the resources, assessing and managing students.
4. Single file storage – All records, presentations or resources, office files, personal data stores and access inside the TPlus file! Just carry your TPlus file and Tutor PLUS software to any PC to accomplish the tasks.
5. Custom password – you can encrypt your TPlus file with custom password!
6. Personal Administration – It also allows to tutor’s personal management Like Money transactions, To Do reminders, Managing Contacts, Recording life dairy, Recording notes, Storing Office Files and Recording Web Accounts.
7. Reminders – it reminds contacts birthdays and marriage anniversaries, students’ birthdays and To Do tasks!
8. Backup – you can backup TPlus file form accidental missing or physical storage damage!
9. User friendly access- everyone can understand everything about Tutor PLUS in just one try!
10. SMS and Reports – everything stored in TPlus can be take printouts and communicate with SMS! 

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